Recipe & Nutrition Analysis

Cooking Expertise and a Customized, Computerized Food Database

It takes a trained professional to understand how the ingredients in a food affect its nutrient content, and how nutrition information can be marketed. And it takes an experienced cook to both choose the right ingredients when analyzing a recipe and make suggestions for improvements. That is why nutrition analysis is as much art as science.

Consumers want to make informed food choices, and nutritional analysis is an important tool for guiding them toward a healthful diet.

Hermann Communications combines years of recipe and cooking expertise with a customized, computerized food database to provide accurate, high quality nutrition analysis to magazines, newspapers, food companies, public relations firms, cookbook authors, publishers, and restaurants.

We work for clients large and small and on projects ranging from one recipe to thousands of recipes. If we don’t have your ingredient in our extensive database, we track it down and add the information to ensure that your analyses are accurate and complete. Looking for information on our food labeling services? Click here.

Hermann Communications President, Mindy Hermann, is certified in Restaurant Menu Labeling by the American Dietetic Association (developed by National Restaurant Association and the ADA Restaurant Labeling Work Group) and has been analyzing recipes for over 20 years.

Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis

Comprehensive nutritional analysis can include evaluation of custom-selected nutrients, comparison of recipes to nutrition guidelines, and recommendations for alternate ingredients to improve nutrition profile.

A small sampling of projects:

Los Angeles Times
Food Section

400 Calorie Fix and
400 Calorie Fix Cookbook

On Baking and
On Cooking Book Series

American Medical Association Family Health Cookbook

Readers Digest
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