Food Labeling

We’ve Been Analyzing Food Products for Nutrition Labeling Since 1990

All manufacturers of packaged foods are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to include nutrition information on their product labels. Additionally, food labels that display nutrient content claims and health messages must comply with specific FDA requirements. Food companies are responsible for the accuracy of all nutrition information on the label.

Navigating & Interpreting FDA Regulations

Hermann Communications helps food manufacturers navigate and interpret FDA regulations on nutrient labeling, nutrient content claims, and health claims. We analyze product formulations using an electronic database that incorporates nutrient data from USDA, FDA, research, and food manufacturers. The Nutrition Facts panel that we generate complies with labeling standards and regulations. Hermann Communications updates its customized database on a regular basis to ensure the accuracy of nutrition and label information. 

A small sampling of clients


Joyce Chen Foods

Nutrition Facts for new products introduced by Joyce Chen Foods



Greystone Bakery

Nutrition Facts per serving and nutrition specs per 100 gm for all Greystone Bakery products


Country House

Nutrition Facts and guidance on product development and label claims for Country House snacks

Helping You with the New Nutrition Facts Label:

In February 2014, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a new format for the Nutrition Facts label. The new label highlights calories and other nutrients of interest and makes information on serving size easier for consumers to understand. It also adds nutrients not previously required, like potassium and vitamin D.

A new format likely will be adopted after a 90-day comment period and consideration of feedback from food manufacturers, trade associations, dietitians, consumers and others. Food manufacturers then will have about two years to comply.

What does this mean for you? At a minimum, you will need to redesign your packaging to include the new Nutrition Facts label. Your recipes may need to undergo new laboratory or computerized nutrition analysis if your current files do not include required nutrients or serving sizes.  

This may be a good time to begin updating your recipe nutritional analysis files to reflect any changes in your formulations or ingredients, as well as to ready your products for the new Nutrition Facts label.


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